Melharmony is a paradigm-changing approach in world music that aims to explore new chords and counterpoints based on melodic progression that contrasts with conventional Western approach centered on harmonic progression. In other words, melharmony explores new chords & harmonies anchored on the rules and aesthetics of evolved melodic systems.  Melharmony has won acclaim as an attractive performance art-form that has taken fusion between harmony-centric systems like Western Classical/Jazz and melody-centric systems such as Indian Classical to new heights, creating music that sounds true to listeners of both. However, it is not limited to harmonizing Indian Ragas nor is it limited to Indo-Western fusion. Its principles can be applied to any 12-tone system. Melharmony captures the essential spirit and aesthetics of the vastly diverse approaches of melody and harmony. It is also an exciting academic field of study as it explores conventional as well as new ways to c Read More

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