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Some of the activities that the Melharmony Foundation has initiated and carried out include: 


  • Planet Symphony Orchestra - a global initiative to Combat Climate Crisis (CCC) in various ways.
  • Fundraiser through Melharmony Festival in Nov 2017 to support University of Wisconsin's Mahila Microgrids - a sustainable energy project for impoverished communities in various parts of the world.  
  • Twin-Composer Festivals like OVK-Bach Festival (Nov 2016) with Madison Community Orchestra, Dikshitar-Beethoven Festival, Madison with Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (Nov 2015) and nearly 100 other artists, students, scholars & diverse participants from various parts of USA including Minneapolis, Chicago & Detroit
  • OVK-Bach Festival, Chicago featuring scores of participants and WCO Quartet (Sept 2015)
  • Tyagaraja-Mozart Festival, Madison featuring ta-ki-Ta Trio of 4-time Grammy Winner Glen Velez, Rhythm Vocalist Loire Cotler & Ravikiran and Madison Bach Musicians Quartet as well as nearly 100 diverse participants from various parts of USA including Minneapolis, Chicago, San Diego etc (Nov 2014) 
  • OVK-Bach Festival (Nov 2013)
  • Summer Melharmony Camps in Madison for students with over 12 hours of personal development time with Steve Kurr & Vanitha Suresh (2014) 
  • Melharmony Workshops with Prof Robert Morris (Nov 2015)
  • 10-month Melharmony Residency in Sun Prairie & Middleton School Districts (Apr 2015-Feb 2016) 
  • Lecture demonstrations in Northside Elementary School, Middleton High School, Memorial High School, Oregon High School, Sun Prairie High School, Glacier Creek Middle School, Music Makers, and in Ridegeview, Roundrock, TX, etc.
  • Melharmony concerts with Sun Prairie & Middleton School Orchestra at Sun Prairie PAC (Feb 2016)
  • Support to the inagural Melharmony Festival in Goettingen, Germany (Aug 2017), Melharmony Concert in Cornell University (April 2017) & Apollo Chamber Players for Houston Melharmony (Oct 2017) and Melharmony in Schools project with Wayzata School District, Minneapolis (March & Oct 2017)