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Combating Climate Crisis (CCC) Project

Melharmony Foundation is deeply committed to create and make its paradigm-shifting music socially relevant as well. One of its primary objectives in this direction is the CCC (Combating Climate Crisis) Project with the twin objectives of raising awareness and funds to promote a shift to sustainable energy options across the globe, especially among impoverished communities. 

Recently, the Foundation has teamed up with the University of Wisconsin (UW) and is in the process of establishing strategic partnerships with other organizations. The Melharmony Festival on 11 & 12 Nov, 2017 in Madison will be the first of a series of events dedicated to raise for the CCC project, which focuses on Solar, Wind and other sources-based Micro Grids.  A substantial part of the surplus revenues from donations will be donated to UW project and/or set apart for similar initiatives by other collaborators in Asia, Africa, South America etc.

The Foundation will not focus on direct implementation of the project but only to donate to collaborating specialists like UW College of Engineering, who have gained a reputation for expertise and leadership in this area.

Light up a home... or a community!

The tentative costs to set up Micro Grids per household is between $350-400 and for a community of 100 homes is about $35,000-40,000.  The Foundation requests

  • Individuals to adopt at least one household each and light up one house
  • Corporate houses to adopt at least one hamlet of about 30-50 households at about $20,000 each 
  • Match donations collected in events to double/triple the revenues 
  • here are options to adopt partial communities as well. 

It is envisaged that the maintenance and running costs of these Micro Grids will be the responsibility of the communities themselves.  For more details, please email us. 

Other goals and action plans

The CCC project also aims to educate decision makers as well as the rest of the people about the urgency for a highly proactive approach from every front to reduce and/or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and take every possible step to use alternate energy sources.  The Foundation aims to act in various ways - some symbolic and some proactive to counter climate change.  The Foundation's action plans include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • Competitions for professional Composers to create new music designed to raise awareness on Climate Crisis.
  • Essay/speech/debate/creation of new music Competetions for students and and fundraiser events featuring the best talents 
  • Get artists, actors, sportspersons, thinkers and action leaders from every part of the world to be Ambassadors of Planet Earth and persuade them to record videos on CCC and also galvinise their fans for at least 2 minutes in every event of theirs. 
  • Professional shows raise awareness and funds for Micro-grids, water desalination and other projects.
  • Collaborate with field leaders and research organisations in this arena to help them spread their findings through complementary events.  
  • Collaborate with like minded NGOs and international bodies including the UN 
  • Enlist the future inheritors of the planet - namely student bodies, orchestras, jazz bands and ensembles to participate in events aimed to be powerful voices for CCC.
  • Collaborate with professional symphonies and noted ensembles across the world to present specialised events highlighting the Climate issues.