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Festivals & Concerts


Melharmony concerts featuring Classical, Jazz, Rock and World Music stars have been held in several parts of the world over the years. 

The Twin-Composer Melharmony Festivals initiated in 2013 in cities like Madison, Chicago, Minneapolis etc have blazed a new trail in world music with their unique approach of featuring master-composers who influenced the development of melody and harmony in different parts of the world. Prominent Western composers include J S Bach, Mozart and Beethoven who were paired with Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi, Tyagaraja and Muttuswami Dikshitar respectively.  They feature traditional melody-based or harmony based concerts by professional as well as student orchestras and artists capped off by a climactic phase that featured melharmonic creations and arrangements specially commissioned by the Foundation. The festivals also include interactive panel discussions/academic sessions/lectures which have enthralled and engaged diverse audiences.  


Melharmony in Europe & UK

Melharmony had been premiered in Oct 2000 in UK and subsequently, concerts with European Orchestras had been held in Germany, Switzerland etc.  In Aug 2017, the city of Goettingen in Germany hosted a 3-day Melharmony Festival featuring a handpicked Quintet from the Gottingen Symphony led by John Sebastian Sommer as well as artists of Euro Jazz Ensemble Jurgen Bliebel (Piano) & Raimond Moritz (Sax).  The Melharmony concert by the Goettingen Youth Symphony conducted by Daniel Eismann was an added attraction.


Melharmony Festivals for Climate Crisis

The Melharmony Festival in Madison, WI on Nov 11 & 12, 2017 was among the first to raise awareness and funds for the Combating Climate Change (CCC) Project of the Melharmony Foundation.  The Foundation is committed to doing a lot more in this arena, especially with students who are the rightful inheritors of this planet. 

The Foundation seeks support to take such festivals and events to many other cities and also engage with several other top symphony orchestras, composers and artists.