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Resources & Courses

Courses, residencies, workshops and lectures have been conducted at various levels which have given participants a holistic view of "Melody, Harmony & Melharmony" in various cities/institutions including:

  • Summer College Credit Course at Eastman School of Music, Rochester NY in August 2015 by Prof Robert Morris and Ravikiran 
  • Arts Wisconsin's 4-week course in  Madison, WI, in uly 2014 for Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Piano/Keyboard by Steve Kurr and Vanitha Suresh
  • Melharmony residency 2015-16 by Ravikiran for Middleton and Sun Prairie School Districts, WI (See video)
  • Lectures in numerous venues such as University of Colorado, Boulder, University of Georgia etc.

Course Topics/Modules

While courses vary based on their relevance to participants (professional level musicians/composers/academicians - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level collegiate and high school students/ music aficianados), they will draw from the topics below:



  • Similarities between diverse music systems such as Western and Indian Classical
  • Contrast between melody-centric and harmony-centric approaches - making successive vs simultaneous combinations work successfully
  • Understanding melody-centric approach through Raga (scale/mode)
  • ABCD of Melharmony - harmony with melodic rules  - harmony with melodic rules
  • Triadic Harmony, Ostinato, Imitation etc in the Melharmonic context
  • Possible chords vs appropriate chords based on melodic rules
  • Arranging simple melodic pieces Melharmonically
  • Composing original pieces applying Melharmonic principles


  • Ornamentation and oscillations in ragas
  • Simple melodic exercises in a few modes/ragas
  • Introduction to the concept of Cyclic Rhythm (Tala)
  • Rhythmic patterns and pulsar intricacies that can enrich compositions
  • Melharmony - Scope
  • How does Melharmony enrich harmony-centric systems


On the above including composing and arranging exercises


Rendering simple melharmonic pieces (esp. for groups/ orchestras)