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School Orchestras & Youth Symphonies


A significant part of the Melharmony project is taking it to students right from the Middle School to Youth Symphony Levels.  

A number of Orchestras and smaller ensembles have presented specially composed melharmonic pieces and found it to be highly exciting and enriching (See video with concert excerpts, media clips as well as reactions of both students and orchestra directors).  Apart from regular or special "Perform with the Composer" shows by the orchestras featuring melharmonic repertoire, such projects could also include residencies and lecture-demos by the featured composer. 


How does it work? 

  • Typically the scores as well as audio of the pieces are sent to the Orchestra Director several months in advance who rehearses with the orchestra.  
  • Occasional rehearsals by the orchestras with the audios have often proved to significantly enhance the overall perception of the music, apart from typical rehearsals with only scores.
  • The composer/soloist attends rehearsals a day or two before the actual performance as required.
  • On occasions, interim rehearsals have also been scheduled for the orchestra with the composer remotely over Skype or Hangouts, if the Orchestra Conductor desires so.  
  • Rehearsals are often augmented by interactive sessions on basics of melharmony, interesting rhythmic concepts as well as invigorating Q & A sessions between the composer and members of the orchestra.