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Climatrix Symphony


CLIMATRIX - the collective musical voice to Combat Climate Crisis - Download Score & Audio


Climatrix is the first of the compositions commissioned by the Melharmony Foundation.  It is a short melharmonic symphony in 12 parts - each of which symbolizes a month even as the music traverses as many as 72 different scales in 7 minutes, highlighting the disconcerting rapidity with which our planet is undergoing dissonant changes, resulting in random and severe weather patterns all over the world.   Climate change is arguably the biggest crisis our planet is facing right now.  This is not a speculative future possibility but something already happening right before our eyes.  We cannot and should not live in denial anymore.  In order to survive as a species, we need to mitigate the disaster before a point of no return.  We can only accomplish this if we collectively wake up now as a species and act harmoniously irrespective of local, national or international political and other considerations.  The younger generation has even more stake in this issue as the rightful inheritors of this planet and they need to be extremely proactive in persuading their elders to make the right decisions now, in every part of the world.   




Though Climate Crisis is a global issue, lobbies must be set up with every local Government to ensure that moves that are hurtful to the planet are not made out of political or economic considerations.  This is the reason why Melharmony Foundation has thrown this original Western Classical Symphony open to everyone irrespective of the origin or type of instrument one plays. 


One can be a part of Climatrix even by recording and emailing a minimum of 10 seconds of the piece (longer parts are fine if they meet quality standards). Only the Score has been made available to enable every musician to make informed choices about the parts he or she would like to play on their respective instruments. 


Download the Score and/or Audio made available for FREE Online.  While professionals may not need the instructions below, students are advised to ensure the following, bearing in mind the presentation value of the piece:


  1. Record in a quiet place (even your home is fine) on a good device.  
  2. You can play the parts on ANY instrument that is closest to the original (like Saxophone for Clarinet parts) OR an instrument that can handle a completely different part without affecting the integrity of the piece (like piano or guitar for select string or other sections).  Percussionists can augment existing rhythmic parts.  Given the nature of this piece, improvisation is not allowed. 
  3. Record as much of the piece (or as many clips of it) as you are comfortable with (minimum is 10 seconds) but ensure strict adherence to tempo, intonation and also ensure that the tone blends in with the original.  

Option 1 - Score: Please carefully note the tempo, dynamics, articulations, expressions and other details. Try to record as precisely as possible (if necessary with a metronome/click track that is audible only to you).

Option 2 - Audio: Listen to the audio until you intuitively grasp the above details of your intended part thoroughly and then record it on your own OR play the original audio into your headphone and record on another device. Please ensure that only your music is recorded and the original audio does not bleed into it.

  1. FORMAT: Please save it as Wav (16-bit, 44100) OR high-quality MP3s and email to: latest by 31 March, 2019.  Please save the file with you name and the Measure Numbers or by minutes/second that you have played.  Only audios (not videos) will be considered for inclusion.
  2. DETAILS: In the header, write Climatrix & the name of your instrument (viola, guitar, piano etc). Please include precise details for due credits: 
  • Full Name & age 
  • City and country 
  • Name of your institution or employer
  • Instrument you have played
  • Optional: Your picture which may or may not be included in the presentation/publicity.